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Exciting news for digital shooters, Canon's EOS 10D has received high marks from Petersen Photography. Some of the features of this 6.3 mega-pixel digital camera are: 7 point high-speed Auto-focus, 9 shots of continuous burst at 3 frames per second, RAW and JPEG can be written simultaneously, with a choice of 6 JPEG resolution settings, ISO speed range from 100-1600 (3200 Extended HI accessible via ISO expansion menu), nine white balance modes, and color temperature modes from 2800K to 10000K), the LCD offers 5 brightness levels, and a menu display offering choices of 12 languages. The EOS 10D is compatible with EOS extensive accessories and the body retails for $1,500.

The Solution:

The first image was a custom made glass tear drop which was placed on a sheet of 1/8" glass over the flag. The size of the stars refracting through the glass was controlled by distance to the flag. The second image of the flag was then combined with the tear drop in Photoshop. Several tests were made to determine the size and the placement of the tear drop under the star.

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